Used Car Statement : Many steps taken to ensure pre-owned vehicles are of the highest quality possible

Why to Buy Used at Provincial Chrysler

We at Provincial Chrysler pride ourselves on selling high quality pre-owned vehicles at competitive prices. That is why we sell more used vehicles then our competitors and have more returning customers than most.

Our technicians will complete a diligent inspection of every pre-owned vehicle regardless of age or mileage.Then we bring it to Safety standards as well as our own specifications plus a few extra steps over and above as well , For example:

*All wheels are removed and brake rotors and drums are thoroughly inspected. Then we bring it to Safety standards as well as our own specifications plus a few extra steps over and above as well as our own specification .

*Also any damaged, grooved rotors or drums are automatically replaced .

*We also inspect wheel cylinders and inner axle seals,brake lines if leaking they are also replaced.

*We use only new brake materials when replacing parts.

*The complete exhaust system including intake manifold, exhaust manifold, catalytic converters and mufflers are checked and replaced if necessary.

*All front end components including steering box,rack and pinion, tie rod ends, ball joints,anti sway bars and links etc. are replaced if showing any signs of wear.

*Tires, windshields, wheels, mirrors, wipers, lights, power windows, all checked and replaced if necessary.

*After a full Mechanical inspection and Visual inspection all work has been performed, each vehicle has the oil changed and the air filter inspected and replaced if required.

*After our extensive mechanical inspection and repair if necessary,

*A complete body inspection is done before the vehicle is considered lot ready.

*Every vehicle has a complete interior shampoo,

*Engine steam cleaned,

*Tires and wheels scrubbed,

*Exterior washed and waxed.

Remember every certified vehicle comes with a information folder. In this folder you will find a Car Proof that was done on the vehicle as well as a complete copy of the mechanical work performed.

We would like to earn your trust as well as your business. Please come by and visit us before you make you final decision Please come and experience the difference, we will make it worth your while.

Thank You
George Bakic
Pre-Owned Manager

Used Car Mission Statement

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