2019 Jeep Wrangler

The All New 2019 Jeep Wrangler SUV

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Although this vehicle needs no introduction, please allow us to introduce it to you anyway! Today we are bringing to you, the all new 2019 Jeep Wrangler. The Jeep Wrangler is, dare we say it, the most iconic name in the sector, based heavily on a tried and tested design that dates back over 70 years.

The 2019 Jeep wrangler is no show pony, this SUV is the real deal, and it really is as comfortable off road as it is on. In today's age of watered down crossovers and Sports 'Activity' Vehicles, the Wrangler is the stalwart 4 x 4 that simply gets the job done

MotorTrend  SUV of the Year ®

Did somebody say award winner? That's right, the 2019 Jeep Wrangler is the proud winner of MotorTrend SUV of the Year ® award. This is no accident, the Wrangler has been updated with some of the latest and greatest in comfort and tech features that match its off road abilities, making this the ultimate real SUV.


Jeep haven't messed with success here, this iconic design has changed little since Jeep started building the Wrangler in 1986, and in turn it hasn't changed a whole lot from the original Willys Jeep design of the 1940s, the general purpose vehicle that was so instrumental in the war effort. The 2019 model, of course retains the iconic 7 slot grille with round head lights, trapezoidal wheel arches, and the high ground clearance necessary for hitting the trails.


We cannot overstress the fact that this is a genuine 4 x 4 with real off roading features, nothing is just for show. The 2019 Wrangler comes with standard tow hooks both front and rear, made from heavy duty, forged steel, and mounted directly to the frame, they are ready to assist you getting yourself out of any sticky situations you may find yourself in! There's an available winch capable steel bumper is ready to accept your winch without any modification required, and it's always a plus when you don't have to physically alter your vehicle to add features that are complimentary. Couple this with the easy access, rear door mounted spare wheel, standard on all Wranglers, and you've got an SUV that's as practical as they come.


There's a 2019 Wrangler to suit all. With three available tops to choose from, including the Sunrider zipperless soft top (standard on Sport and Rubicon trims) which makes use of retainers that slide into a track for easy opening and closing, and is available in both black and tan. The second option is the 3 piece Freedom Top hard top, this roof is lightweight, easy to remove and is available in black, or body color. Finally, the available Sky One Touch Power Top allows you to let the sunlight stream in with (you guessed it) one touch of a button.


The ability to fold down the front wind shield, and remove the doors and roof is a stand out feature of the Wrangler, and on the 2019 model those elements are built from a strong, yet very lightweight aluminum, helping you feel more of that open air, without the heavy lifting! Aluminum features elsewhere on the vehicle too, including the hood, fender flares, rear wing gate, and hinges, all adding up to big weight saving, this improves handling and gives the 2019 Wrangler excellent fuel economy.

Light up the night with the available premium LED lighting. The LED lighting group is available on the Sahara and Rubicon trims, and includes LED head lamps, tail lamps, front fog lamps, and day time running lights. Those iconic round lamps never looked so good.


Available in 10 outstanding colors, the 2019 Wrangler is as unique as you are, with both discreet hues, and borderline neon tones available, the bold color choices reflect the rigged nature of this Jeep perfectly. Couple this large array of color choices with the 7 different wheel choices, you'll be hard pushed to find any two Jeep Wranglers alike.

The 2019 Jeep Wrangler features new air extractors behind the trapezoidal fender flares, not only do they look great, but they serve a purpose; the air extractors actually assist with engine cooling.



With what is surely the most impressive interior of any Jeep Wrangler to date, the 2019 model impresses with style and function, a rare combination.

The center stack is heritage inspired, it is both minimalist and feature laden, and it straight up looks good, perfectly complimenting the dashboard.

The Wrangler is in its element when plugging around in the mud, and maybe, you had just a little too much fun. Not to worry! If you need to wash out the interior of the Wrangler, you can, and it's easy too. Removable carpets are a standard feature, as are the one way in floor drain plugs, helping you get your interior spotless again. What if you had all your fun with the doors and roof off, and the windshield down? What about those electronics?! Again, not to worry; the standard push button start and available rear subwoofer are both water resistant, meaning a little wet weather needn't stop the fun!


Function controls in the 2019 Wrangler are purpose made and sculpted for easy recognition, like the climate and volume control knobs, as well as the charging and connectivity ports, not only that, but they are ergonomically laid out within easy reach of the driver.

You'll also find superior ergonomics in the center console design, it promotes comfortable access to the available gear shifter, transfer case and parking brake.

New for 2019, the Wrangler features redesigned front seats, providing increased comfort and support. Available creature comforts include two way lumbar adjustment, additional rear seat leg room, and even premium arm rests.



Let's face it, most people buy Wranglers to get out there, hit the trails, and attempt to tame nature! It therefore makes sense that Jeep kept all those adventurers in mind when they designed the storage compartments in the 2019 Wrangler.

The doors feature durable mesh pockets, not only providing a handy place to store small items, but the nature of the mesh design lets you easily see what's in there. Not only that, but should it get a little wet or muddy inside, you won't find dirt and debris stuck inside your door storage!

Thanks to the spare wheel's location on the rear gate, the rear cargo area was freed up for better storage. The 2019 Wrangler features a hidden in floor storage bin, keeping your valuables out of view when you're not in the car. For further secured storage requirements, the lockable glove box and center console box are available for smaller items.

For even greater carrying convenience, Jeep have made available the 'Trail Rail' cargo management system. This great feature allows you to secure your gear by way of the adjustable rail based tie down utility feature. The available Trail Rail mounts to the cargo floor as well as the swing gate.

Staying true to its military roots, the 2019 Wrangler can benefit from the new 'Utility Grid' feature. This unique storage solution was inspired by the MOLLE webbing systems that form part of the tactical packs used by today's armed forces. It provides both organization and flexible storage. SO, whether it's your flashlight, multitool, first aid kit, or anything else, it's right there when you need it most.



Prepare to be pleasantly surprised! Considering that the 2019 Jeep Wrangler is an all terrain beast, it hangs with the luxury SUVs when it comes to infotainment and interior tech. Even in standard form, the gear is impressive, but factor in the amazing available features, and you will completely understand why we at Provincial Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram love the award winning Wrangler so much.

How 'bout that big screen? The 2019 Wrangler is available with one of three awesome versions of the phenomenal Uconnect system, an intuitive, all encompassing multimedia entertainment center. As standard, you'll find a 5 inch touch screen display, with Bluetooth support and Sirius XM Satellite Radio capability. Perhaps you might like to upgrade to the 7 inch, or even the 8.4 inch display versions? Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility is a standard feature with these larger screens, not only that, but the bright, vivid displays are super responsive, and even have an intuitive pinch to zoom feature, one that you're likely accustomed to from your smart phone. The 8.4 inch display is also available with Nav; this top of the range infotainment system includes turn by turn navigation, and also opens up your world to an entire suite of Sirius XM features, including the revolutionary Guardian system.


Sirius XM Guardian is actually way more than one system, it is an entire bundle of features accessible by the Uconnect app. These features include both safety and convenience functions such as calling for emergency assistance, roadside assistance (think flat tires or batteries!), text and email alerts if the theft alarm is triggered, and stolen vehicle assistance in case the unthinkable happens - this function will help police to locate your beloved Wrangler and bring it home!

In addition, the Guardian system also allows you to start your 2019 Wrangler remotely, no matter where you are, from the convenience of your compatible smart phone or even smart watch, absolutely perfect for starting the car for cooling down in the summer, or firing it up early to get it toast warm in the winter, you won't be uncomfortable even for a second in the 2019 Jeep Wrangler.


Can't find your car in a busy parking lot? No problem! At least not with the Sirius XM Guardian System. The app can send your vehicles exact location with pinpoint accuracy straight to your smart phone or smart watch, no longer will you have to hopelessly push the alarm button and pray you're close enough!

The tech doesn't stop at the entertainment, oh no! The available 7 inch multi view driver information digital cluster display is custom configurable, letting you tailor it perfectly to your needs. The full color display lets you choose your favorite graphics and personal settings, and one of the biggest wow features is the integrated detailed navigation (if fitted). In addition, you'll find music info such as song, artist and album, and on a technical note, it will show you real time transfer case status, as well as off road statistics, amongst other features.


If you love to pump up the tunes when you're on the road (or off it), you will love the available Alpine Premium Audio System. This powerhouse system features a 553 watt, 12 channel amp, with eight speakers, and a thumping subwoofer. This system is augmented by an advanced active noise cancelling system and acoustic laminated windshield glass, helping to keep outside noise, outside.



The capability of the 2019 Jeep Wrangler is simply beyond compare. With powerful engines, advanced 4 x 4 systems, and heavy duty electrical components amongst other things helping it to retain its dominance in the SUV sector.


3.2 liter Pentastar V6


For the traditionalists, Jeep offer the classic, and legendary 3l6 liter V6 Pentastar engine. Jeep engineers took this stalwart motor and made it even more economical, so much so that this is the most fuel efficient wrangler ever. It boasts a mighty 285 horsepower, and 260 b ft of torque, this power makes it comfortable to drive both at slow speeds off road and even at highway speeds.

2.0 liter turbo engine


The 2019 Jeep Wrangler can be fitted with the all new 2 liter turbocharged 4  cylinder motor, complete with eTorque mild hybrid technology. High power, high torque, great fuel efficiency, what's not to love? This is the first time a hybrid motor has ever been available on any Jeep, it is powerful, 270 horsepower powerful, and my oh, my what torque! 295 lb ft of hill climbing power!

The 2019 Jeep Wrangler has three available 4 x 4 systems, each designed from the ground up for specific applications, each will help you dominate whatever it is you love to do in your car!


Select-Trac 4 x 4 features a full time mode that seamlessly and automatically changes from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive depending on the conditions underfoot. Selec-Trac senses internal wheel speed and combines with traction control sensors to make light work of uneven surfaces and poor weather conditions, on top of that, it assists in providing increased efficiency when 4 x 4 isn't necessary.

Moving in to the realm of real back country driving, the Command-Trac 4 x 4 system is equipped with an NV241 GII transfer case for incredible performance across a range of surfaces and conditions. Command-Trac features a 2.72:1 low range ratio for rock crawling and neutral for available flat towing. Command-Trac gives you the tools you need to get out there and get it done!


Finally, the Rock-Trac 4 x 4 system. This 4 x 4 drivetrain is simply legendary, ask any real off roading enthusiast and they'll tell you! This system is standard on the Rubicon trim, and it provides incredible control and torque, for unheard of off road abilities. Rack-Trac is virtually bulletproof, with its NV241 Off Road transfer case, featuring a 4:1 low gear ration, Tru-Lok electronic locking front and rear differentials, and an electronic sway bar disconnect, there's almost nowhere you can't go, and we're sure you'll have a blast finding out just how far it will go!

The available Hill Descent Control feature controls the speed on your behalf when descending tricky slopes, leaving you free to concentrate on steering without worrying about riding the brakes. Also assisting with the off road prowess, the new available 33 inch all terrain tires. A simple yet effective addition, these tires bring with them better performance for crawling or wheeling on advanced trails and tracks, ground clearance is improved, and less power is required due to the increased surface area and upgraded traction.


Heavy Duty Electricals are a must if you're planning to hit the trails hard, and with this available option group, you'll get an upgraded battery and alternator, as well as programmable auxiliary control switches to control ancillary and aftermarket tools, including OEM products from Jeep and MOPAR.

We could truly go on, and on about the incredible capabilities of the 2019 Jeep Wrangler, a truly stunning machine from tires to top, but we'd better leave something for our team to talk to you about when you come to see it in person!


The 2019 Wrangler is an inherently safe car, extremely strong, advanced airbags, this jeep really does have you covered from all angles. Read on to find out about some of the additional and available features for the 2019 model year:


Hill Start Assist - This function assists in preventing the Wrangler from rolling backwards when starting on a steep uphill incline.

 Tire Pressure Monitoring System - By monitoring your tire pressure, you'll ensure that you are always running at optimum efficiency, this system alerts you should any of your tires fall outside of the optimum pressure ranges.


Available Blind Spot Monitoring and Cross Path Detection­ - Radar systems combine to monitor your rear quarters, and will alert the driver if any other vehicles enter the blind spot by way of an audible alert, and a visual alert on the respective wing mirror. Cross Path Detection also uses radar to detect crossing threats as you reverse, again, alerting the driver with audible and visual warnings.

Parkview Rear Back Up Camera - If you find it difficult to get a good view of the world behind you, then the Parkview Rear Back Up Camera has your back, literally! A rear mounted camera displays what's going on behind you on the Uconnect screen for enhanced visibility.


Parksense Rear Park Assist - Take the hassle out of reverse parking with Parksense. This handy feature uses rear bumper mounted sensors to detect proximity to objects behind you, sounding an alert before you get too close.



The 2019 Jeep Wrangler is broken down into the Wrangler, and Wrangler Unlimited (Unlimited is the 4 door version), read on to find out more about the excellent features of each trim available on both iterations.



The Sport trim starts us off with some great features, including Uconnect infotainment with 5 inch touch screen display, 17 inch black styled wheels, Parkview rear back up camera, and it's powered by the 3.6 liter V6 liter Pentastar engine, paired with a 6 speed manual transmission.

Sport S


The Sport S trim builds on the Sport by adding some great convenience features, such as remote keyless entry, air conditioning, a tactile leather steering wheel, as well as 17 inch Tech Silver Aluminum wheels.



The Rubicon trim offers supreme off road performance and builds on the features of the Sport S with the Rock-Trac two speed transfer case with 4:1 ratio low range, it features performance suspension, and Tru-Lok front and rear axles with Dana M210 wide front and Dana M220 wide rear axles.

Unlimited Sport S


The Unlimited Sport S Trim arrives as standard with a great 8 speaker audio system, front and rear floor mats, a rear dome lamp with on/off switch, and for cargo hauling convenience rear 60/40 split folding seats.

Unlimited Sahara


The Unlimited Sahara Trim brings more in the way of luxury features, including the Uconnect 4 with 7 inch touch screen display with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, and it also features 18 inch polished aluminum wheels with grey spokes.

Unlimited Rubicon


The Unlimited Rubicon, much like the 2 door version, features some incredible off road features and trim specific details like the red tow hooks, as well as Rock-Trac two speed transfer case with 4:1 ratio low range, it features performance suspension, and Tru-Lok front and rear axles with Dana M210 wide front and Dana M220 wide rear axles.

All of the models come with the V6 3.2 liter Pentastar and 6 speed manual transmission as standard, but can be equipped with the 2.0 liter turbo as on option, in which case it will be equipped with a smooth as butter 8 speed auto transmission.


Here at Provincial Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram we simply adore the go anywhere, do anything attitude of the all new 2019 Jeep Wrangler. This iconic SUV is built to impress and we can't talk highly enough of it in any trim! We really hope you've enjoyed reading about some of the outstanding features and amenities, and we truly hope you'll come and see us at our dealership to see the amazing Wrangler in person, and take it for a spin. Call ahead to set up an appointment with one of our friendly team, or even just drop in if you're passing by. No pictures and word can do this amazing car justice, and while we did our best to convey this, we know you'll be simply blown away by everything that the 2019 Wrangler has to offer.

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